Cryptocurrencies – Where Do You Fit In?

Cryptocurrencies – Where Do You Fit In?

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency? Perhaps there are a few of you who may be familiar with “what its like”. I do repute for the far majority of people the answer would be what’s that?

My text book reply would be a cryptocurrency( or crypto money) is a medium of exchange utilizing cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new gangs. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative monies, or specifically of digital currencies

In short-lived I may respond: You know, like a BitCoin.

cryptocurrencies - where do you fit in

The next Question I would constitute is: Now that you know what the world of cryptocurrency is and a general project how it it use my next investigate may be: In “the worlds” of cryptocurrency, how do you fit in?

In my business occupation I had the opportunity to do very well at making an attractive income on the internet. In special I have been successful in selling, advertising auctions, business development, ecommerce, technology, and online business building including the building of large online organizations.

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Prior to deciding if I am going to invest, marketplace, brand, promote or own something I invest a lot of hour researching it.

In addition I surround myself with like minded mortals I refer to as either successful business associates or collaborators who have a great deal of knowledge and research on whatever “its by” we are going to promote.

My strongest inclination to stimulate something that is new and inventive that has a very strong chance to saturate the market in the future. In particular I would like to control, firebrand, circulate firstly to market a product or service that is going to be a game changer.

This would be something everyone in the future is going to desire to want, own or possess.

cryptocurrency explained

I have little interest in promoting something that have so far been saturated world markets. There is little opportunity for me to be first to grocery or captivate market share of products or services

I do not desire to try to market something everyone once has or are all aware of. There is then no way I can then be first to grocery as in the mind of most successful industrialists those who are first to grocery who then captivate world markets wins.

Many entrepreneur thoughts souls approach me to join them to promote items such as cell phone services, online advertise, state related produces, nutrient, ecommerce or online browse. My simple reply to these financiers is simply I am not interested.

The reason I have zero interest to promote these pieces is the market is already saturated with big-hearted actors that you are never going to be able to compete with. Those who were already first to busines have captured the market share.

This brings me to the world of cryptocurrency and cube order technology. Again if you were to approach the average individual and asked them: Have you heard of cryptocurrency the likely response would be: What’s that?

The self-evident opinion is if I were going to be first to sell, label, own or possess what would it be? The refute is simple-minded: blockage series technology and cryptocurrency.

You may ask then what is the difference between currency a.k.a. money and cryptocurrency? There are many seams of explanation or excuse we are to be able characterize the two primary variations in currency vs. cryptocurrency 😛 TAGEND

Fiat money or fiat money is fund whose cost is not is coming from any intrinsic significance or guarantee that it can be converted into a value commodity( such as gold ). Instead, it has appreciate simply by authority dictate( fiat ). Usually, the governmental forces declares the fiat money( generally indicates and silvers from a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve System in the U.S .) to be legal tender, spawning it unlawful not to accept the fiat currency as an instrument of repayment for all obligations, public and private

In regards to defining cryptocurrency I could examine all of its aspects but the main point now cryptocurrency is not fiats but preferably cryptocurrency known as a digital medium of exchange that performs same to traditional fund, but has no physical equivalent and is simply in digital form.

The firstly major cryptocurrency which started everything there is was Bitcoin in 2009 as open source, and since then a great deal of other alternative cryptocurrencies have become available thanks to the huge notoriety that Bitcoin has managed to generate.

Cryptocurrencies are in fact a formation of digital money that uses the principles of cryptography to used a distributed, decentralized and secure economy which allows you excavation and swap them.

If you were to compare cryptocurrencies to fiat money, the most notable change is in how no group or individual may influence greatly the production of coin( in the case of crypt it is called mining ), instead only any particular extent of cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency organisation collectively, at a rate which is bounded by a quality both prior identified and publicly known.

Now that I have offered you a very commonly used text volume edition of the differences in the two I pose the question in the world of cryptocurrency How do you fit in?

Your first question may be the same question I questioned myself. Who are the main players in the crytpocurrency grocery. My explanation would be to follow the money course, find a plaza where you fit in and capture as much cryptocurrency you can.

A true statement is the far majority of everyday parties own zero crypto-coins. Another true statement is If you were to make BitCoin as two examples as a means to capture market share of cryptocurrency you are simply too late. The vast majority of the silvers that we readily quarried in BitCoin is gone.

In order to captivate any respectful market share of the remaining silvers left to be quarried you would need to have a high degree of technology i.e. known better, server infinite, great financial support and large-scale group of people with the technical skills needed to mine the coins.

The monthly costs of a sophisticated activity of this sort nearly cancels out the best interests of the the BitCoin you are able to successfully mine.

The other action to captivate market share of BitCoins would be vast amounts of money to purchase them. Again this is simply way beyond the reach of any individual who is not already a multi-million-ere “whos had” risk capital at their jettison. Simply leant world markets for share BitCoin is gone especailly for the average person. This approach is simply not happening for you.

Fortunately for the average person who now realise just how large-scale the market is going to be and has gained an edge in profoundly experimenting cryptocurrency and brick order technology

It is however not too late for “youve got to” capture your share of the cryptocurrency marketplace!

This especially holds true for you for anyone I refer to generically as John Q Citizen who either has never heard of cryptocurrency( crypto-currency) or has no project how important is is to own cryptocurrency with a market share advantage.

If at this item you have at least made the time to have read this publication there is is some awareness on your part of either a general interest in the topic, or attention as an aspiring financier who is asking the question: How do if fit in?

If the latter evidence is chastise then you are already a gradation or two steps ahead of who I refer to as John Q Citizen.

Just for the record the deep study that I have taken has privately paid off. I have found a workaround to the whole crytpocurrency publish, which has given me an side over most of the average public. It has allowed me to be first to busines. For all those people who first to marketplace where it was acquire by quarrying large quantities of available cryptocurrency have then virtually captured market share of accessible alternative crypto-coin options available.

In another book on such matters I have discussed who are some of the big household name financier, monetary entities and conservatories who have huge awareness on information and communication technologies. In the publication I have included their direct mentions and who are already taken steps by capturing and experimenting with information and communication technologies for future implementation to captivate their market share.

In my related publication I called who is creating strategies to gain enormous wealth and advantage in the market. If you are conducting your own research this should be crystal clear

In the world of Cryptocurrency how do you fit in? I can tell you that in general 95% of the world I refer to as John Q Public shares 5% of the worlds rich. The remain of the 5% of the world( those inventors who had the awareness who made the time to experiment then took decisive action) who clearly took advantage of the shares enjoy 95% of the worlds wealth.

To finalize I ask you: Where do you see yourself in the cryptocurrency market?

Are you part of the 95% who I refer to as John Q Citizen who wasted the majority of their period on the internet socializing, playing games or heavily weighed in the latest regional gossip. The same 95% who never took the time to research the matter. The 95% who are capable of one day ultimately realise they missed out on gigantic opulence potential?

Perhaps you will see yourself as one of the 5% who experimented the matter and wishes to make deciding act required to implement a strategy.

I for one emphatically have a cryptocurrency policy in place I positioned, after deep study followed by immediate and decided action to join the 5% radical. Hopefully you are able to take the time as well.

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Friday’s Ethereum Classic revelation, Coinbase, Bcash halving will hype BTC!

Oh Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is February the 17th 2018 strong hand people long term thinking the few the proud the 20% I want all of you to check out the links section below and check out yesterday’s this weekend Bitcoin show money tricks just set face to toe and Russell Spears were the guest and I thought we were gonna talk about some be private some privacy from Giuseppe and just some normal topics and the show turned legendary around the 17-minute mark when money Triggs we were talking about a theory I’m going a proof of stake from proof of work and if there was gonna be a split if there was gonna be a fork and money Triggs brought up something about a theorem classic and how instead of creating a third etherium that the miners could all jump onto a theorem classic now I’ve heard things like that in the past but what he specifically brought up was very exciting I mean in involved Rocketman whoo Barry Silbert I’m not gonna get into everything right now because yesterday’s show was that awesome and you can tell I’m shocked when he brings up this topic I was not ready to discuss aetherium classic he gives a very bullish scenario for aetherium classic so I know a lot of people ask me about theorem classic I usually don’t have an answer at all or it’s just like yeah something will happen eventually you know it’s all cyclical but money Triggs gives a scenario that is incredibly bullish for a theorem and he talks about some maybe why the price has already gone up because some other people have figured out what he has possibly figured out so again you’re gonna have this this show is about listening comprehension and I feel that this wicked Bitcoin show the guests that I have on are the best in the space I work hard to put these shows together you know that make sure I get different guests every week and I’m really proud of yesterday’s show so I’m not gonna summarize the whole thing right now for you I want you guys to check out I want you guys to listen to the whole thing but if you can’t see the whole thing go to the 17 minute mark if you care about the theorem classic stuff but we do talk about be private and just privacy and all sorts of other things though but but I mean there was someone who has actually been on this show before only this weekend Bitcoin showing he emailed me he said Adam that was your best this weekend Bitcoin show ever and you know will disappear and classic thing come true I’ll let you decide but it’s it was very obviously you could tell by my reaction when it happened I mean I try to learn something from these shows every time also I really do I really do you could tell I was learning something right there and then I mean he might eat Riggs I mean you rocked it Giuseppe and Russell were great also and they stay straight up said that money tricks was the you know the master huh so for what he said with your theorem classic check out yesterday’s show also obviously check out all the links below if you want to get a treasure ledger nano at a crypto h/w wallet comm or use my affiliate link to get directly from tresor cryptography d has nice t-shirts to use the moisture discount code and of course i am coming to you from it’s it’s nighttime here in or Darwin australia it’s late i want to go to sleep for after this at night it’s been a long long day but it’s just the morning for you guys on the east coast so pound that that like button as we as we say seriously remember to subscribe to the channel and share this video to man share yesterday’s video it’s gonna help a lot of people i mean and again if a lot of people aren’t gonna watch it then find then it’ll just be the smart 20 percenters who benefit that’s who benefits from my might the stuff I talk about here I don’t we don’t bring up the common stuff here or I don’t bring up the common stuff we’re trying to get people some 20% knowledge and you know that there you go it’s a long-term thinking channel and that’s not gonna that’s not gonna appeal to the masses and that’s tough luck the masses aren’t going to learn what money Tregs taught us yesterday so again follow me on Twitter at Tech ball tch be alt and bitcoinmeister on steam it so i speaking of twitter it was pointed out i think toward a Meester pointing this out that the twitter handle crypto c ry pto i mean that’s a great twitter to hand handle to have is owned by bloomberg they call it bloomberg crypto a look at how crypto currencies and blockchain are reshaping our world from bloomberg well mike my lord that they had to pay for that I would assume they didn’t haven’t owned it all this time it just shows you the mainstream acceptance is they’re prepared for a man if they own the Twitter the Twitter handle crypto that means Bloomberg financial I mean they think a lot of cryptocurrency they know what the future is I thought that was a really bullish sign for cryptocurrency in Bitcoin sure speaking about long-term thinking everyone knows I always talk about the big point having it’s going to happen now apparently in June of 2020 and before that is the light point having in 2019 the lake point is is very popular but it’s nowhere near that the name recognition is determine okay so when people start talking about that light point having it will help hype the Bitcoin having which will be a less than a year afterwards but what I started to think about is that all of the Bitcoin crypto dividends that have come out the small ones that no one cares about the medium-sized ones that the friendly ones like be gold and the unfriendly one and then there be the friendly be private the unfriendly ones like be – they’re having x’ will all take place in 2020 okay if they’re gonna have you know some of them are a little different age so it’s got a little different story whatever but be cash having having in particular is going to happen before the bitcoin having and they’re pretty centralized at be cash now litecoin is not centralized so they might not have a campaign where they’re hyping up their litecoin having but the beat if the be cash people um you know king of the trolls and everyone over there if they have a campaign to pump the price of be cash leading up to the be cash having in early in 2020 i guess it’s going to be they’re spreading the word about a having educating the people on what having is there they spend a lot of money on who knows without they’re willing to do bitcoin calm which they own that will that will help their price that will educate the people but it will also pipe bitcoin it will be the opening salvo in the bitcoin having hype so if they choose to go that direction they’re going to start the having hype for bitcoin and again i lived through the having hype for 2016 which double the price of a Bitcoin from you know about March to June of 2016 and it didn’t have a centralized entity talking about having so this the be cash people if they go that direction they’re gonna they’re gonna help themselves but they’re also gonna help spread the word about the bitcoin having and all these other covenants also going to add to the education about the having which all leads to the big core the major hat having the biggest of them all the granddaddy of them all the rock of them all is the bitcoin having so the more height they I don’t care where the Heights coming from okay if is coming from be cash be gold be private wherever the more height the merrier to get people to give people knowledge about what’s gonna happen with Bitcoin so down below there is a Bitcoin Bitcoin block half calm it’s the it’s the clock the countdown to the Bitcoin having clock at all you can follow be cash does not have a site like this yet I assume they will I look for maybe they do but I could not find one so I don’t know the exact date there’s is going to be but in my search for the be cash having having clock I did find a site that I linked below that says there will be a protocol update for be cash on May 15th and then something on November 15th also but that May 15th having a date like that that’ll probably be around the next time be cash pumps so keep that if you’re a be cash holder of your be cash fan whatever May 15th there’s a day they’ve already got written down there so expect some be cash hype then that’s that’s urgent be cash here we go Alex told me he has freed out there and because it’s all cyclical be cash well as I have said he cash will pump again you know there’s always going to be beat every year there’s gonna be some sort of B pump we just had one up a few days ago when I got up this point one six right did get at the point point two it’ll get there again maybe the May fifteenth one but okay Alistair will me he’s got a tweed out there people talk about blockchain while they pitched their altcoin projects in reality only Bitcoin can be considered everyone else will still be stuck on blockchain for a while yet yeah I thought that was a great point I that’s that’s very good everybody’s trying to throw around these terms blockchain there the blockchain no way bitcoins more advanced than all of them bitcoins up gone through the scaling issues they haven’t even gone through the wars yet settle everyone else will still be stuck on blockchain for what I mean they’re already building you know second level solutions we’ll talk with big plan you know with Lightning Network and everything so on that’s linked to below that tweet also linked to below in two minutes and 17 seconds the Back to the Future I co sold out Simon Dixon said and it was thirty three million dollars they raised in to two minutes and 17 seconds but to to our I don’t even know I it’s to say I can I don’t know if I were that that was a two minutes and 17 seconds to hours of something minutes the point is they raise thirty three million dollars really fast assignment Dixon’s been a guest from the show you all love Simon Dixon I’m not a big ICO fan obviously but he wanted to raise some money that’s his business I’m late to the tweet that mentions that and the link to the tweet of a photo of the back of Simon Dixon’s head where he had them carve into his hair the bank to the future symbol yes I’m serious about that you can look at that photo the back of his hair as he banked to the future thing carved symbol carved into it now it reminds me like what my barber wanted to do to the back of my head when I was like 14 years old he wanted to put my number of my soccer number all carved in the back I had my mom was with me alright so a good job Simon Dickson you did something I always wanted to do at least as a 14 year old I won so anyway what else we have here fork drop do they have an update they added the alt point forks and so I linked I link to that below the old coin crypto dividends like Manero V and something else low I guess oh gosh I don’t know check them out though they’re there they mentioned me in their tweets so I mentioned them here good job for drop I owe all right some of you have experiences with coinbase coinbase double charged some people and that it wasn’t their fault they said they issued a joint statement from visa and world pay for coinbase customers explaining that that the double charges will be removed by Visa and WorldPay okay good coin based trying to fix something that didn’t go well for them there found that like button everyone if you’re still watching this here we got like oh we got a good amount of viewers there Chloe was it’s late it’s close to 100 it was so let’s see what else do we have Shane oh yeah a cast a cast is where you can get the it’s linked to below the world crypto Network podcast and I’m part of I I did a little experiment the one I linked to below if you play at the 2x speed it’s pretty funny you know listening to me a 2x go really fast it definitely sounds like I’m on drugs if you played it if you play the 2x it’s pretty funny and I got definitely a guy you can make fun of myself so it’s it’s pretty hilarious to listen to me at 2x but it just hurt for everyone that wants to get these podcasts oh it’s great that we have a guy over there Cory putting everything on on podcast for us and people are discovering the world crypto Network and all of the people involved with it through that and it’s it’s growing so check out you can check that out without being on YouTube and he Cory’s working real hard on making this great for everyone so that’s linked to below a cast play that double-speed to hear your favorite World Cup Network personalities on crack cocaine all right and don’t worry to my knowledge I know I don’t do it I doubt any hope so uh here we go there’s a tweet out there and I’m gonna change though it’s from Matthew D Greene and I it was thought-provoking I don’t agree with the exact words that he said so I’ll read out his words and then I’ll give you my words since almost nobody uses cryptocurrency for payments yet they get speculated on and that said the existence of a large and technically uninformed community becomes the main determinant of value now what I would say is that since almost nobody uses altcoins for anything yet they did speculated on and in that setting the existence of a large and technology technologically uninformed community becomes the main determining of value for the altcoins I don’t know if he meant to include you know he said cryptocurrency I don’t think that’s true for big point that doesn’t determine its value from the altcoins yes it is all speculation and it’s all and it’s by 80% horses by people who don’t know who just read a little bit about but it don’t really care it may be not that sounds cool it’s the next big thing I gotta jump into it all right Bobby and just so we you know really read the tweet for yourself it’s linked to below you can decide on your own you can think about it it’s thought-provoking it’s what the show is it’s a thought-provoking show all right Bobby a left the comment and I was an inspirational comment I was thinking about how different the world was just 20 years ago no global war on terrorism very few people had cell phones Amazon was just a bookseller Google does barely started and Facebook one meet wouldn’t even exist for another five years if you could go back to 1998 and tell people everything that would happen they wouldn’t believe you keep that in mind when people laugh at the idea of crypto currencies or other drastic changes for that matter yeah I thought I thought that was awesome dude I thought that was awesome how we went back in time now tried to explain to them crypto currencies they were they wouldn’t believe it at all so imagine you know ten years from now what’ll be going on we wouldn’t we’re not gonna be a we can’t grasp how what’s going to going on in ten years and I think a lot of the reason people still can’t Brett grass Bitcoin is because it is something it is something from ten years in the future it’s not from four years in the few it’s just something that we can’t grasp because it is totally new and it is going to be much bigger in the future so III do like to think that I love progress I love freakin progress and technology so I mean I remember 1998 I thought it was cool that I did it there was a o L and I thought that was cool people who did Internet in their house and you know that was just I thought such a futuristic time when I was little B in 1998 now you look back and you see oh my lord that was nothing that was just nothing compared to what we’re going through now so on that and that’s just the positive part of life man you’ve got to keep on going that’s why you want to stay healthy and live as long as possible just to see the innovations and to you know be a part of the innovations and it’s great to be a part of this Bitcoin innovation and to have the long-term thinking where you know if you get in now you get into patiently now you have patience you understand that it’s a growing ecosystem that in the long run it’s gonna pay off just to to to unbelievably an unbelievable level and just the positivity that it’s going to generate for this world it’s just it’s very inspirational very inspirational when I think of things like that all right so have a strong hand people pound that like button with that strong hand i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below I’ll say hiding guys before I go to sleep and check out yesterday’s video bye bye

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The 1 Bitcoin Show- Zclassic surge, Ether Gold, Segwit 2x, more BTC crypto-dividends & guidance

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one it coins show today is december the 27th 2017 strong hand this is your home of crypto dividend news and we have a lot of that today and yeah it is 328 in the morning on the East Coast I’m back here in Baltimore it is cold I want to go to a warm place again like right now but hey you got to deal with it and so this is the official December 27 show maybe it will have another one much later in the day check out the links below if you want to see the shows of the past including the one that I did from the airport a few hours ago whatever it was back in back in Tucson also you can get t-shirts treasurer ledger nano crypto hwy comm this districts from my buddy in Australia though he’s sending some more he said thanks a lot dudes dude alright so let’s just jump into something that I forgot to mention in the show before the one I did earlier the five minute show that was about Z classic so um from Monday this is in repent and land you guys remember ran he hosts the CNBC crypto currency show in South Africa and he was talking about Bitcoin dominance going down and you know we’ve all heard that before but I had the reply and your RAM is a good guy he likes to stir things up a bit though and this is what I wrote times are checking he said times are changing that you know business bitcoins dominance is going down Oh times are changing and I said times are changing this is the same this same thing happened in the spring during the now forgotten it cerium hype the big difference is that the strong handed long-term thinkers who did not panic then and fall for the hype are now Bitcoin millionaires so again we’ve been through this before the people who didn’t fall for it last time who just held onto their Bitcoin are doing really really well so I link to that below and I that was supposed to be in my last video but I totally left that out because that I’d go through this when I read off you’re pretty fast sometimes anyway we’re back at like 16,000 16,000 dollars for Bitcoin right now I believe so whatever you know you could worry about Bitcoin dominance you can worry about whatever you want to Bitcoin is doing just fine and dandy it’s sixteen thousand dollars it’s I mean if you if you would have said that during the spring etherium pump people would have said you’re out of your mind and this is only like seven months ago okay so something I forgot from the show that I did earlier the Z classic oriented show that I did from the airport because Z classic is forking into this Bitcoin prior or be private crypto dividend this is really big news and you’re not really hearing about it and many other places I covered it really intensely in that previous video you gotta watch that and I say some things in that video that I usually don’t talk about and I’m gonna say something in this video that I usually don’t say either um but but it has to be said about this situation first of all the thing that I forgot is that this crypto dividend is the first fork with a community already in place from an established altcoin so we’re they’re forming this be be private now usually when these crypto dividends are formed there’s no community already like when they form be gold it wasn’t like there was a magical be gold community it already existed beforehand but by forming be private from from Z classic and and then everyone in Bitcoin also getting the be private you’ve got to establish Z classic on community already there and that really adds a unique aspect to the the possible marketing of it and just how pop have a word will be spread I mean they’ve already got a community that’s going to be height because this is taking the place be private is taking the place of Z classic I know it seems a little confusing you got to check out the links below you got to check out my previous video all right and I know some people are gonna say well bit core or how to commute okay that’s let’s not it’s neither here nor there let’s not worry about big Court right now um anyway uh yeah check out that link below and here I have to say a full I have to give full transparency here so I have a lot of Bitcoin I mean everyone knows that and I want more Bitcoin and I also have be – I have some be cash left because you know I had so much Bitcoin I got a lot of freebie cash anyway after I made the video earlier today about Z classic after I made the video about Z custom because in the video I say a couple of things but after I made the video about Z classic I actually used some of my leftover B cash and I traded it in for Z classic so I now have Z classic so that has to have to put that out there right now and it has surged so much today that I’ve already I’ve already covered some of the initial expenses if you want to say that yeah anyway I can’t afford to being a speculator okay in that sense I said in the in the previous video that this is a good speculation and when I call something a speculation I it’s something that if you have a lot of Bitcoin already or if you have a lot of money not Bitcoin because I didn’t use Bitcoin unless I used be cash on this okay but if you’re well off in the cryptocurrency world or you’re just a well-off person and you can afford to lose everything that you put into a speculation well this is a good speculation because this Z classic could go up by quite a lot and I in the video earlier today I go over the the logical reasons why it could go up because this is a crypto dividend this is it’s it’s a very unique situation here so again the goal is to get more Bitcoin from crypto dividends that has always been my goal this is a detour on that road because again I got the freebie cash but I have now turned the be cast instead of directly turning some of my be cash into into Bitcoin I have turned some of it into Z classic which I will then turn into Bitcoin eventually and hey it might not work out a there’s there’s definitely a risk so do not try this at home but again if you are I mean I’m I’m in a different situation than a lot of people and but I do have to put that out there because I have a lot of Bitcoin I mean that’s this is known this is known of trying to get more you never stop trying to get more pound that like button always try to get increased value your wealth in Bitcoin so yeah I’ll keep everybody updated on this on the Z classic situation which is really a be private situation and again people want free crypto dividends okay be private is an interesting crypto dividend you gotta admit you can buy one Bitcoin and get one free be private or you can buy one Z classic and get one free be private so again and this is if they go through with the for two because there’s risk maybe they won’t go through the work we had we have seen you know there’s a lot of big talkers out there in the crypto dividend space and only be gold to be cash have done it so far but anyway so you have those two options of get how are you gonna get your one be private you know which route will most people likely choose okay they’re not gonna buy a whole Bitcoin to get a be private don’t get up don’t be like what the heck I want a free Bitcoin crypto dividend why don’t I just buy the Z classic thingamajig and it’s really cheap right now it’s $20 $10 a it was it was $10 earlier today they got the 30 bucks which is I can’t amazing anyway anyway Zee classic is the shortcut to getting a Bitcoin crypto dividend also keep in mind that there are only one point eight million Zee classics in existence okay so if there’s only one point eight million Zee classics and people all of a sudden want to get this crypto dividend that’s coming from it well they’re not that many Zee classics to buy we’re supplying a demand thing here another thing to take into account is that Zee classic is basically just Zee cash okay I’m not gonna get into the details Zee cash sells for a five hundred seventy one dollars right now crypto dividends of Bitcoin at you know these a lot these theorized ones that people were talking about all these cheap Chinese knockoffs they they make fun of them because they’re all coming from China well if you look at the futures markets for all of the proposed ones out there all of them are over 1% of a Bitcoin in the futures market so we’re talking $160 here so I mean I I’m throwing out all these numbers because this be private I mean it could be $160 it could be $571 it could be a lot more then Z classic is right now so that is why I think this is a good and interesting speculation why I think people are buying Z classic right now because it’s it’s 15 bucks and they’re gonna be able to get something for three that might be $160 or might be more than that and again the Z classic developers are saying that be private is a replacement of Z classic it’s it’s a replacement of Z classic okay and so it has and Z classic already has a purpose okay Z classic so B prime B private isn’t just being made up like you know super BTC what is the what is the purpose of super BTC I mean it might do well for all I know but what’s really is they give all these little gimmicks well be private is the replacement of Z classic which uses all the Z cache technology alright so linked to below is the B private red and also that just came out that’s enough of my be private crypto dividend Z classic talk for tonight do what you’re gonna do I had to lay it out all out there on the table obviously I think this is a really really interesting concept what Rhett is doing over there with Z classic obviously I think it’s very intriguing if this works out if I mean if they’re able to fork it it’s Z classic holders and big coin holders are able to get this be private then you’re gonna see all these other alt coins that currently exist try to get forked on the Bitcoin and I go over that in the other video I am tired now I couldn’t get into all this other stuff again and I know this is difficult to understand if you’re a beginner and I am NOT actually I give links below this video and links below the previous video that really explained this a lot better than I can all right pound that like button though and check out the list section below follow me on Twitter I have been giving awesome crypto dividend updates all day even though I was in the Dallas Airport even though I was in the in the Tucson Airport I’ve been giving you great up updates as much as possible and there is be rhodium sent me an update that guy is awesome I linked a link to him below again he says hello Adam we have updated our website we have taken your concerns into consideration be clear that people need to save the signature making the entire process of getting coins clear well thank you for taking my suggestion and check that B rhodium out below they’re doing the airdrop thing like bit core did okay also in the so there are these new sites out there bit dip bit div cheesy BTC div calm Bitcoin Forks I oh and another one I’ve linked to them all below the third one actually links like to like coins for crypto dividends also again now these three sites that I just listed they’re organized pretty well you know you can you can look up crypto dividends on them some of them still have joke crypto dividends on them but it’s it’s an expansion it helped it’s gonna help you guys know what is out there I can’t say these sites are perfect but it gives some organization and a lot of people have asked me adam send me a site that just tells me what’s out there well go to these three ones and the other one that i always linked to below and just try to figure it out for yourself some of them look interesting there’s obviously new ones i mentioned one of them in a second that i just found out about and again it’s a it’s a very not all these people are it’s a nice try they’re trying to organize things again some jokes like bitcoin uranium be uranium snuck in there still so these sites aren’t perfect but they do have bitcoin crypto dividends on i’m aetherium crypt of differences on them and then this light coin I mean I don’t even know if these litecoin crypt of dividends are true but check out the link section below check out those links and yeah have a strong hand people we’re almost back to 16,000 it’s I mean we are back to 16,000 I don’t know I hope you didn’t uh hope you didn’t panic and sell your Bitcoin that that would be terrible you should have learned your lesson by now okay so speaking of aetherium crypto dividends um one of the people behind be gold got in touch with me and now there’s going to be an ether gold so check out ether gold not gold and that is linked to below I you know hey he did well with be gold maybe this ether gold is going to be a big you know and so we had heard rumors the be gold people were gonna be behind in etherium crypto dividend well now there you go it’s called ether gold it’s in the early stages it is not live yet but there you know and ether gold actually was not listed on any of those sites that I just linked to below that just mentioned so maybe it will be now alright so 2x there might be two two x’s out there now you might remember there was a dude he was like the two m2x guy well I linked to him again he’s been talking to me again to me again he says he needs two to three full-time PR guys so hey if you’re like a marketing dude contact uh him at Twitter its Bitcoin to em that’s who he is on Twitter he says he’s still doing his version of 2x a friendly fork of 2x and then we have these other segments segments 2x friendly for kurz who I mentioned the other day who everyone’s talking about right now because on the coin market cat futures market it’s listed like it’s 6% of a Bitcoin also I noticed these two X people they are B to act B 2 X – seg we do they are advertising on sites they have banner ads okay so I don’t know if any of this is gonna actually happen or not but these dudes that are valued at 6% on the futures market they got something going on because they’re putting the banner ads out there alright so then there’s another there’s another one that I just heard of today my buddy in Argentina where I might be soon you never know he he informed me a B Adam not like my name Adam but like a t om but you know I like the name it sounds like my first name a little bit and they have a tweet that’s out there and I’ve retweeted it I’ll link to it below they’ve got something going on with coin ami like I think you’re gonna be able to extract from coin ami your B Adam that’s pretty wild if it’s I mean and and coin ami actually tweeted this out I think it was the real coin ami Twitter account it’s linked or below hey man we got all sorts of things going on so crypto dividends I mean I predicted it back in August this was gonna be a huge thing it’s it’s definitely taking on a life of its own beyond altcoins um again these are all alt coins I’m not saying in the end of the day there’s only one Bitcoin okay people Z classic and altcoin be private and all coin be Adam Adam an altcoin but these are all things we can get for free and convert them into Bitcoin and that is the goal here all right so yeah Bitcoin is where the big boys play that’s the end the Bitcoin cryptocurrency part of this show I did want to say I link to below the song hush by deep purple that is awesome song from balloon like 50 years ago almost that I guess so i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe his channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below pound that like button I’ll say hello it’s everyone in the chat and do check out the videos the few of these recent videos I’ve done in the last couple of days they’re very interesting their link to below bye bye

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