Today we’re going to be talking about Tron and a lot of other coins being added to coinbase the possibility of this happening it’s getting closer it’s getting more realistic so we’re talking about all that today in this video guys if you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe and turn on post notifications the winner of the giveaway has actually claimed his prize so I’m going to be sending over a Bitcoin to him as soon as this is done those of you guys who missed out make sure to stay tuned because we’re gonna be doing plenty more giveaways so just make sure you are actively commenting and subscribe to the channel with your notifications turned on also we would love to have you as part of the team now let’s take a look as always we do before we start talking about anything we look at the overall market cap where things are headed we’re down a little bit from yesterday so a little further away from 600 billion dollar market cap bitcoins looking looking good though it’s holding strong we’ve seen a lot of a lot of not too much movement going on the last few days so it’d be interesting to see what the next few days bring in today you see if we see a lot of red hopefully it’s you know it’s nothing big just markets are down today it happens so often in cryptocurrency hopefully we’ll start seeing it recovery soon February is going to be a big month for cryptocurrency I would not again none of what I say is have a financial advice on this channel this is just my opinion make sure to do your own research but you know if I was holding some cryptocurrency I would not be looking at selling it right now and take the loss you know what if for this goes for any of the top cryptocurrencies I would not recommend it unless some big scandal breaks out it’s actually true you know but I wouldn’t recommend it anyways let’s talk about Tron a little bit because a lot of this channel does like Tron we’re not only talking about Tron do not worry there are a lot of coins that are gonna be added you guys could tell by the title of the video a lot of coins are gonna be added but trance pattern are being is being followed by you know a lot of the other crypto currencies as well like I said if Bitcoin doesn’t move nothing else really moves in the market so things have been really relatively steady you know the last few days since for the last week things have been very steady very consistent now usually this means two things usually it means we’re either gonna see a huge pump up or a huge dip down as we occurrence we’ve seen a huge dip down recently if we look at the total market cap here since we’ve seen a huge dip down and we’re starting to see a correction I would expect to see something closed along the lines of this which we saw right here where you get you know you we had a little bit of a correction here start a move sideways and then we had a pump up so that’s sort of the action I am looking for in the next coming days / weeks so like I said don’t fear this is cryptocurrency things are volatile it’s a it’s okay don’t worry but a few of the other corners were gonna be looking at also because there was a reddit thread about this and trust me guys I know it sounds ridiculous that Tron the cryptocurrency I had to had has had so much fun a lot of people you know talked crap about it it’s 14th on the marcab is still pretty good its 14th it’s gonna be added to coinbase like why wouldn’t they add ripple first we’re gonna talk about all that right now so there’s a reddit thread that we’re gonna kind of follow through piece by piece so as has been discovered recently for a handful of cryptocurrency including including including ripple where Justin’s son all right won’t have to worry about that too much so basically what they’re saying if you go to a coin base support and you type in Tron this article is going to pop up supported digital currencies I know it’s no big deal but if you type other coins such as X VG or Virge that is not the case so on some coins this works on some coins this dude does not and the coins that it works on are coins such as ripple OMG neo cute um card on o mineiro all of these work on coinbase um you guys let’s go up here why don’t we prove it ripple you go you type in ripple you get the same article now these coins aren’t actually mentioned in the article which is interesting because you know there’s no sort of key word to trigger for it in the main article there’s no keyword to trigger for that word and one thing that happened on them they didn’t in an interview with the CEO of coinbase here you go so throughout two months ago this has last month a month two months ago said they were planning on adding many more altcoins this next year so what sounds smart to do if I was card if I was some coin base I would be looking at coins that are cheap now I know us cryptocurrency people we know price does not matter much it’s the market cap it’s the volume it’s the coin itself because of the supply it doesn’t matter what the price is right Bitcoin price ripple being this cheap doesn’t mean it’s gonna reach this price we know that’s not how works but think about it as a new investor I’m sure we’ve all been through it as a new investor you know you see $11,000 for one Bitcoin that’s not the coin you probably want to visit invest in that is why so many new people everyone I talk to that you know isn’t in cryptocurrency but they’re thinking about getting into cryptocurrency they’re talking about coins such as ripple and litecoin and now more recently obviously stellar and Cardinal as they have more established themselves in the last few months so you know coin B’s if I was them I would definitely look to add some cheaper coins just to you know range the scale see you guys you know you guys go to coin base right now we have Bitcoin we have aetherium so bitcoins out 11,000 aetherium that over 1,000 light coin which is you know not the most expensive but it is up there in the you know one to two went up to three hundred dollar range and then we have Bitcoin cash which is also very expensive now one thing that really interested me is if we can get any of these coins on there their price is going to pretty much you know 4x or more overnight we seen that happen would be a coin cash when it was added its price went through the roof just because coin base is probably the easiest beginner-friendly exchange out there for the main currencies so that is where a lot I no fees might be higher but that is where a lot of newcomers come in and they buy from there because it’s easiest you don’t have to worry about knowing how to work G Dax or anything like that which isn’t the most common thing but you know you’re new you just want to be able to put your money in take out cryptocurrency and say you’re a cryptocurrency investor that’s what people are looking for so you know the fact that coinbase already has that huge huge amount of accounts if they add a coin in there it’s just going to give that coin more you know access to more people more people gonna have access to the coin they’re gonna buy in the price is gonna go up it’s honestly how it works so if we get a coin like ripple on there which I’m sure ripple is probably their priority right now to get on because it is ranked number three and it is relatively cheap I’m sure ripples on there I have no doubt card on going stellar and me or on there to neo being a little more expensive but again it’s pretty much close to the light coin price and then you know tron $definitely the cheapest one out of the mall cause probably we have one dollar we have 60 cents you know 60 cents six cents for Tron if Chong can get up there guys we’re gonna see it past 30 cents really really easy I’m not saying it will do it I’m not saying it’s going to do it right now I’m just saying you know there’s definitely a possibility if coinbase is looking to add more coins because from what I’m what I understood from the interview with the CEO of coin base they aren’t looking to just be in exchange for newcomers to come in and buy one or two coins they want to be something more established you know I’m thinking it’s looking like they’re try they’re gonna try and compete for you know with by Nance and stuff like that because think about it people usually use coin base to buy in at first the one to get more comfortable cryptocurrency they want start trading they’ll send their Bitcoin up to finance and they’ll trade on Finance that’s how it works right now but apparently coin base has some big things in the works for 2018 so let’s stay tuned make sure you keep up with the information because this could be huge you know the coins that get added could be huge and they’re probably definitely gonna be coins in the top 20 so you know cubes right here Tron these are some pretty good coins and Tron being the cheapest one again we know why because it has a huge supply we know that but people coming in a coin at six cents you got to think about how you know a human would react that would definitely be very enticing for them to get into and if we look at Justin Suns Twitter just to you know cuz we always do this when we talk about charge we always look at Justin Suns Twitter if we go over here we can see that they announced the newest exchange that Tron is going to be on I don’t know how to pronounce that but it’s another big exchange on board it is actually ranked number six in already say it was one of the world’s leading blockchain asset trading platform ranked number six on coin market cap with 1 billion trading daily trading volume you guys can see that right there eum’s number one for its volume Bitcoin cute um etherium meta shares yo s you guys can read the list and it does at the bottom as you can see it toppled 1 billion dollars so very very cool very very cool Tron again making some moves we’re waiting to see the price go up price of Tron isn’t going to move unless the Bitcoin price moves that’s just how things go and if you look at the Bitcoin price I know it might fluctuate plus minus 3% but we know as cryptocurrency investors 3% doesn’t mean anything right and you guys can see very much sideways movement right here looking for that break looking for a bullish run and I think it’s coming very soon but guys let me know in the comments down below which coin do you guys think is going to be added to coin base which coins do you think are gonna be added to coin based like I said I’m thinking ripples probably gonna be first hard to argue with that after that what are we gonna see Cardno may be stellar may be neo may be Tron let me know down below what you guys think in the comments also don’t forget if you guys did enjoy this video smash that thumbs up button I have not forgot about the Facebook group guys we’re gonna get that made in tomorrow’s video I’m hoping to announce it I just want to make sure that when I announce it I have everything set up and everything’s gonna be perfect for the perfect Facebook group for you guys or you guys can get the most value from it definitely what I’m looking to do so guys don’t forget to subscribe if you guys are new to the channel as well and hit the notification bunch you guys notified every time we release a new video guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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Litecoin Price Prediction For 2018 To 2020

-US Litecoin Price Prediction For 2018, 2019, 2020 Litecoin price prediction for January 2018. In the beginning price at 223 Dollars. Maximum price $306, minimum price $136. The average for the month $205. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $154, change for January -30.9%. LTC to USD predictions for June 2018. In the beginning price at 184 Dollars. Maximum price $184, minimum price $144. The average for the month $167. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $155, change for June -15.8%. LTC to USD predictions for December 2018. In the beginning price at 300 Dollars. Maximum price $372, minimum price $300. The average for the month $330. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $348, change for December 16%. Litecoin price prediction for January 2019. In the beginning price at 348 Dollars.

Maximum price $357, minimum price $311. The average for the month $338. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $334, change for January -4%. LTC to USD predictions for June 2019. In the beginning price at 348 Dollars. Maximum price $396, minimum price $344. The average for the month $365. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $370, change for June 6.3%. LTC to USD predictions for December 2019. In the beginning price at 464 Dollars. Maximum price $472, minimum price $410. The average for the month $447. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $441, change for December -5%. Litecoin price prediction for January 2020. In the beginning price at 441 Dollars. Maximum price $548, minimum price $441. The average for the month $486. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $512, change for January 16.1%. LTC to USD predictions for June 2020. In the beginning price at 696 Dollars. Maximum price $762, minimum price $662. The average for the month $708. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $712, change for June 2.3%. LTC to USD predictions for December 2020. In the beginning price at 712 Dollars. Maximum price $730, minimum price $634. The average for the month $690. Litecoin price forecast at the end of the month $682, change for December -4.2%..

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Using Ethereum to Buy a Tesla Model 3 – What I Actually Paid

– Alright guys, today we’re gonna talk about how I was able to get my Tesla Model 3 for far less than the actual price of it. And it involves some cryptocurrency stuff, and I wanna keep it simple and easy to understand, so I’m gonna bring my wife in– (cheering) to help make sure that I don’t get too deep into the weeds there. So let’s get started. Alright honey, so I told you that we weren’t gonna spend that much money on this car. – Yeah. – And it was almost $60,000. – Right. – I know that’s a lot, and you’re not thrilled. – I just think when you spend money on cars, you don’t get that money back. Like the instant you drive it off the lot, it all goes away, so it just doesn’t seem like a good investment to me. – Oh snap! – That is true. – It’s a hard sell for me. – That is true, and so to recap, our Tesla Model 3 was $54,000 MSRP, then taxes and everything else were– – [Jenny] Because you had to have the autopilot, you had to have– – [Ben] Well to get the long range, we had to get the, or I’m sorry, to get it earlier we had to get long range and premium upgrades, and autopilot you just have to have.

– [Jenny] Right. – So taxes and fees and everything came to just under $60,000, $59,866. Pretty expensive for a car, especially not the higher end Tesla. – Yeah, I mean I think the most I’ve ever spent on a car was close to 26 or 27 when I bought the car right before Jack was born. – The Acura RDX, and so we actually used some of that to pay for this car. So overall, I think the message here today is that we have good news, that we didn’t pay nearly $60,00 for our car.

– Well this is how it always starts. I complain about spending too much money, and you go let me look at the data, and I’ll make sure that’s not how much we spent. So, that’s were it’s subtle. – That’s how the first one happened. – This is where this is born from. – Okay, so let’s just talk about real quickly what these numbers are. We got a loan for $27,090. – So here, I had a question for you, why did you get a loan? How come you didn’t find some way just to– – Just to pay for it? – Right, because I think what you’ll get into is that we pulled from certain investments.

– Yeah. – Like, you’re very into getting loans. – Well okay, so if I can get a loan for under 5%, then I can essentially take that same money, put it into an index fund or another investment that is more or less guaranteed to get a 5% or greater return, and we’re making money on the deal. – Say what?! – Okay. – That make sense? So we’re borrowing the money and we’re paying for that, but we’re taking that same amount of money and putting it somewhere else where the amount we’re making on it is greater than the cost of borrowing. – So you think you can do more with money if it’s not– – Yeah, and it’s tricky, right, but I think it’s smart if you can do it, and so our loan, $27,090, we got a 2.19% interest rate.

– That’s pretty good. – Which is extremely low. Tesla was offering I think was the lowest that they had, and so yeah, this is just a little bit less than that but still better. The reason we got the lower interest rate is because we got the shorter term, right? – What did you do, three years? – We did three and a half, 42 months.

– Three and a half. – Some people do, most people do 60 months, like a five year loan. Some people do 72 months. I think that’s too long, most people don’t keep their cars that long, and the only reason to even get a loan was to save money on interest. – Okay. – That’s what we did. – Yeah. – So, hopefully that makes you happy. – Yeah. – And so that gives us a monthly payment of $673.00. – Jeez still? – That’s not bad. – I know, but– – If we were to get a loan for the entire amount, it would be close to $1,000 a month. – Wow, okay. – Yeah. ♪ I make it rain, I make it rain ♪ – Which is what the other Tesla was. I think actually it’s like $1,200 a month or something.

– Yeah. – And that’s ’cause we financed almost all of it. – The shorter loan makes your payment higher. – Right, right, and you know you build up, if you were to resell it, it’s a better deal but really the main reason to do it is for better interest rates. – Okay. – The cost of borrowing the money. – So we’ve got about half in a loan. – More than half, yeah. Well actually no, yeah that’s about right. Then we sold your car and we sold it at CarMax, not a sponsor. – I love CarMax. – I do too, they always give us a good deal. – They make it so easy. I’ve sold two cars on Craigslist, do not recommend that. It is like the worst experience I’ve ever had. – Great experience So they gave us $14,500 for your 2013 Acura RDX. – Yep. – We paid originally $26,000 or so. – Something, I can’t remember.

– Anyways, so that was 14, so that money is, that’s money out of pocket. – And I had already paid that off. – Right. – So I didn’t have a loan or a lien on it. – Right, so that was money that was sitting in the car, and we took it out of the car and spent it here. Then comes the magic, and this was one of the coolest things that I was lucky enough, we were lucky enough, to have a friend that recommended looking into certain cryptocurrencies a while ago. – And I think it’s so cool. I’m just still trying to grasp– – Yeah. – What cryptocurrency is. – Don’t really need to worry about what it is, how it works, or any of that. – Money! – There was an amount of free money here, so we spent $2on Ethereum back in January of 2017. – [Jenny] Okay. – Which at the time the cost of one of Ethereum was $10.00, and we sold 20 of those Ethereum close to $800.00.

And so our final after fees and everything for processing now was $14,5that we got from a $2investment. – Gotcha. – So think about that like stock, or something. We invested in Tesla, they went up and we sold the Tesla– – Can you can take out the money whenever you want? – Yeah. – Oh, okay. – Yeah, it’s just like a stock or gold or something. – You didn’t want to take out $60,000 because you feel like it could make more. – So here’s the thing, a lot of cryptocurrency fans, people probably watching are freaking out right now because we sold Ethereum, but if you think about it, we went from $to $800.00. That’s a great, a huge return. That’s a win. Now we didn’t sell all of our Ethereum, that’s why I got a loan. – Yeah. – So I’m calling that $2is what we spent. Yes, we could have taken the $15,000 went out and done something else with it, but really we put that $2and turned it into $15,000 almost, and that paid for a lot of the car. So starting out with the loan amount, our total cost for that including interest was just over $28,000, Jenny’s car gave us $14,500 to put towards it.

The $2Ethereum purchase which later turned into almost $15,000 helped a lot. We have our $3,500 deposit which we had already paid, and then we’re subtracting out the tax credits gives us a final price that we’re actually out of pocket for, for our Tesla Model 3, at $36,468. – Alright guys, well, thanks for joining us. I’m curious what you guys think about this. Was selling the Ethereum a bad idea, was it a good idea? How are you going to finance it, are you finding better rates than we found? Leave all this stuff, all those comments down below, and we’ll have a chat about it.

Until then, don’t forget when you free the data, your mind will follow. Thank for watching we’ll see you back here next time..

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Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads Including ICOs, Bitcoin And Ethereum | Facebook Bans crypto

Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Advertising Including ICOs, Bitcoin And Ethereum Facebook is banning all ads that promote cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, in an effort to prevent people from advertising what the company is calling “financial products and services frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.” That also means that “crypto-genius” James Altucher, whose ads have appeared all over the internet and have become a meme of sorts for the entire crypto industry, won’t be able to advertise on Facebook. Ads that violate the company’s new policy will be banned on Facebook’s core app, but also in other places where Facebook sells ads, including Instagram and its ad network, Audience Network, which places ads on third-party apps.

“This policy is intentionally broad while we work to better detect deceptive and misleading advertising practices,” wrote Rob Leathern, one of Facebook’s ad tech directors. “We will revisit this policy and how we enforce it as our signals improve.” The cryptocurrency boom/bubble has led to scams and wild price fluctuations that have cost a lot of people — including unsophisticated investors a lot of money. Scams are illegal, but gambling on investments you don’t understand is not. Look for blowback from entrepreneurs and investors who argue that the move unfairly punishes legitimate cryptocurrency companies and related crypto products.

Facebook’s board of directors includes two investors — Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel — whose firms have been prominent crypto backers. Facebook Messenger boss, David Marcus, is also on the board at the popular crypto exchange Coinbase..

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