cryptocurrency play right now and obviously I’m no expert by any means but this is what I’m doing this is what I see in terms of reading the chart and what’s going on with the overall cryptocurrency world right now we’re selling off there’s nothing else I can say other than we are selling off we’ve had some bad news you know Charlie Lee sold his light coin we had the Bitcoin cash drama a lot of things going on it’s Christmas and we got New Year’s coming up and you know it really just seems like the overall market just isn’t there you know the volume hasn’t been there that people aren’t buying the dips we’re just trending lower you know I’ll pretty much just bouncing bouncing bouncing lower not in a panic way not like oh this is the end of the world kind of thing but we’re just training lower because people are just not there the buyers aren’t there people it’s hard to really say the exact reason but people aren’t buying right now obviously it’s the big whales it’s the guys a lot of money who moved the market so we need those guys to come back I think we’re gonna come back in January right now a lot of those whales a lot of those companies are just done for the year you got the Asians who are also done get a lot of the Asian markets a lot of the Asian traders aren’t there that are trading these markets so right now we’re just consolidating lower we’re heading lower right now is it a time to buy I think it is a time to buy I think overall we’re had a good area to buy now you can see this is the daily chart so we had that high back down the 19th at 380 and we had this kind of just massive sell-off this was the whole Bitcoin cash coinbase drama that happened you can see we just crashed and we’re just kind of trending lower we’re just trending lower we had this nice dip all the way down here the 140 area it got bought up and sent right back up there to 320 which is a really nice little bounce there but in the last couple days and the last week so we just haven’t had that balance we haven’t had the power I thought we were really gonna break out here over the 280 area but we didn’t have the volume we didn’t have the action so we got stuck there at the 280 here you can see this trend really if you just look at this trend here from that 380 area we’re just treading lower we’re just falling that trend now we had this little spike up there was a 320 area I told people to watch out 320 area key area to watch with is 330 resistance there so that was the issue that we had we had this you know overall this trend we needed to really break out at 320 area to get moving back higher in the volume this isn’t there so going into Christmas it wasn’t good timing it’s the end of the year people were just they’re not about it right now they’re just they’re not trading and you can see even in the overall stock market kind of the same set up but right now we’re trending lower and I think it’s a good time to buy when I say it’s a good time to buy it doesn’t mean that we’re at a bottom by any means it does not mean that we’re have found a bottom 100 percent that we’re gonna keep heading higher from this point but I do think it’s a good time to be watching to be looking for opportunities to be buying a little bit a little bit a little bit on these dips and that’s kind of my goal right now I actually just bought some they’re the 226 area you can see we dip down here to the 223 RA today so I’ve got some orders out there 226 area I bought some I’m gonna buy some more the 216 area if we get down there and I’m gonna buy a bunch more if we break below $200 so anything under $2 I think is a amazing buy at this point so I’m gonna be buying as much as I can below $200 I think the end of next year the end of 2018 this could easily be above $1000 and that’s not to say we won’t have some nice runs up and down along the way but I do see litecoin heading higher Charlie Lee talked about some big news coming the litecoin foundation’s been talking about some big news there’s a lot of rumors circulating there’s a lot of things going on I don’t think cryptocurrency is done by any means you know going into the end of the year here it’s just part of it end of the year sell-off we’re pulling back nothing to be scared of if you’re long if you’re holding you can hold if you want to try to sell right now and try to buy it’ll tip lower you can do that as well but right now this 200 our area closely you can see previously we dip down there $200 we get all the way to 140 but really that 200 or bounces pretty hard back up there to 320 and I don’t think we’re gonna get that big of a balance right away but I think once the move starts happening once we get back into 2018 the beginning of the year once people really start buying again we’re gonna have no problem skyrocketing but right now we’re just Consulting lower it’s a great time to buy that’s the one thing a lot of people don’t understand is if you’re gonna be buying this stuff you’re gonna be buying cryptocurrencies it’s a good time to be buying when it’s read don’t be buying when it’s up 100 percent you want to be buying on these kind of setups when it’s selling off when it’s bouncing lower good time to be buying this consolidating area we had that previous support there the 250 area but you’re holding now we were looking good 250 we broke below 250 today we’re down there I think low today is at the 220 area so I’m kind of watching right now we’ll see like I said if we can dip down a 200 area I’ll definitely be buying a lot more there at the $200 and then anything below tomorrow as well so that’s my game plan that’s my goal the one issue we have right now is Bitcoin so Bitcoin kind of the same exact chart or having issues because light coins come just really following Bitcoin and we’re not really getting the upside we’re not getting the pop higher we’re just going down with Bitcoin so Bitcoin kind of pops up and then litecoin just doesn’t really go anywhere and then all of a sudden Bitcoin starts going back down and we started trading down with it so we’ve got to get that correlation wiped away we got to get some news here gonna get some good news you got the Lightning Network coming you got atomic swaps coming we got new payment processors you got new news coming new websites that are we adding Bitcoin litecoin to their payment processing system in the future so 2018 I think overall 2018 I’m really bullish here on like going like I said before I’ll say it again I think litecoin can easily be over a thousand dollars here in the next year or so but that does not mean that we won’t have some dips along the way this thing could easily crash back down there to the dot 150 area which if it does I’ll be loading the truck at that point but I think right now this 200 our area is a good time to be buying obviously don’t overextend yourself to the point that you can’t pay your mortgage or pay your bills because you bought nothing but litecoin here but I think it is a good safe time to invest a little bit if you’re going to look to invest cryptocurrencies time to be buying right now after we’ve sold off from these highs that $400 high that we recently had is a beautiful upside from here you know bouncing off his torn dollar you getting a 200 or move back up there to the foreign our area can’t be that kind of return there so really if you’re looking to buy it’s a good time to buy and that’s what I’m be doing right here Washington’s 200 our area watching this overall trend if we can breakout above this 250 area I think we’ll start moving up higher and then again from there we’re watching that 280 area and then that 320 area kind of key areas to watch though to 8320 resistance we got to get above this 250 area to get moving up and get back on the train here to new highs

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